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    Thread: Site Rules

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      Satellite Supreme
      is Back to the grind!
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      Site Rules

      Here are the rules, please follow them and if u have any questions, ask a staff member.

      Satellite Supreme reserves the right to add, delete or amend any rules at it's discretion without
      announcement so review the rules from time to time to stay up to date.

      1. Police yourselves. Don't post things that don't belong here. Everyone should know the difference.
      Don't post cheat words by omitting and changing characters to still post things that are not allowed.

      2. If your post was deleted or moved, it is a good possibility you didn’t read or follow the rules.
      Check with staff as to what happened in case you were not sent a PM.

      3. Read the sticky's. It's a good place to start looking for help. If you still need help, ask in the proper
      sections. We will do our best to help or find the help necessary.

      4. Most links, live or not, are not allowed. There will be no advertising items for sale, promoting other forums
      or you will be subjected to Rule 2. (This includes email addresses, links to other sites in your profile or signature and advertising with your Avatar).

      Special permission may be granted to those who request it and administration has approved it.

      5. a) Avatars and User ID, keep it clean. If u are unsure ask a staff member for help. If u have issues uploading your
      avatar or are looking for one, let us know. No advertising or use of email addresses permitted here. User ID will not
      contain forum name nor any staff member name, as part of the User ID.

      5. b) Requests for User ID changes will be denied. Normally there isn't a true reason to change your user ID. In very exceptional circumstances
      as determined by the administration, a User ID could be change, however, other alternatives will be considered first, such as creation of new accounts
      or other considerations.

      6. No bashing, flaming, harassing, instigating, be-littling or threatening this site, its members, sponsors or visiting
      Admins or Moderators from other forums, manufactures or their representatives. If you do, we strictly enforce this:

      Your post will get edited, moved or deleted.
      b. Your account might get permanently removed.
      c. Too many of 6 can and will lead to 7a & 7b
      d. We will make every attempt to not edit or delete any post. We will do what ever we need to do.
      e. Sometimes there is a fine line between what is and is not considered a violation of rule

      All members should be respectful of each other. This means no talking down to or insulting anyone here whether it be staff or other members.
      This will be strictly enforced. We're a friendly site and if you feel the need to insult others go somewhere else.

      7. When uploading a file, do not place URL’s and advertisements in them, remove them or it will be edited or removed. All
      uploads are subject to forum approval before downloading will be allowed. We will make every attempt to make sure all
      files are safe for download. All downloads are at your own risk, to use.

      All files should be in either zip or rar format. Files with .exe entensions, are not allowed. PDF files can be posted.

      8. No active keys for any legal satellite company. Softcam and opkey files are allowed.

      9. No private messages (PM) to staff members requesting help or answers when the info can be found in the forums.
      Ask a question instead. Everyone gains from this.

      10. No spamming permitted. This includes using PM to send people invites that were not asked for. We encourage everyone to
      report any cases of spamming to a staff member. Please forward a copy of the Spam. Spamming will result in users being banned.

      Absolutely no soliciting via PM or other forum method, members to join other sites.

      11. Only one account is permitted per member. There are opportunities whereby dual accounts can be permitted. Bring this to our attention for review.

      12. No hijacking of threads. Start a new thread if your issues are unrelated to the existing thread.

      13. Any buy and sell must be done privately and use of PM is permitted. Satellite Supreme takes no responsibility for members who do this and find themselves in
      trouble or having issues.

      14. Copy and paste are permitted provided the original user ID and date are attached. This gives the originator the credit they deserve.

      15. Private server advertising, selling or reselling of codes and promotion of them, are not permitted.

      Any rules are subject to change at any time.

      Last edited by Priestmill; 05-17-2014 at 06:20 PM. Reason: Latest Updates & Changes Italicized and in Bold!

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