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    Thread: motorized dish the easy way

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      motorized dish the easy way

      a motorzed dish is a must to truly experience the fta hobby as it suppose to be. going from horizon to horizon and every sats in between. every one has considered a motorized dish at one time but bulks at actually doing it. counter to popular belief, a motorized dish is actually easier to install than a fixed dish for linear sats. the weak signal of a linear sat is difficult if not impossible for a novice to find and peak. forget abut finding true south, forget about magnetic declination of your site, forget all the old school instructions that requires locating true south. we won't need any of that! If we move a strong circular sat like echo * 7 to your true south, can you aim a 30 inch dish with the help of an old *** ird, of course you can. this is the most difficult task in installing a motorized dish. for this discussion we will use vancouver 123.1W x 49.2N as our site. if we had installed a motorized dish properly at this site, the dish would be pointing at 123.1W, right at true south when the motor rotation pointer is at the zero mark. What would the pointer be at if we ask the motor to go to 119W. you got it , the pointer will be 4 degrees east. by now everyone should see the method . you will need

      1. 3o inch or larger dish
      2. good hh motor
      3. old *** ird helpful to identify echo* 7 and peak.
      4. 2 inch diameter hose clamp
      5. circular LNB for setup
      6. linear LNB

      you will also need to know your site info.

      start by mounting your J pole and plumb it perfectly , checking on all 4 side
      slide the clamp down the pole and tighten about 7 inch from the top or about the dimension of the motor. this clamp will prevent the motor assembly from sliding down the pole during aiming.

      set the motor angle for your site as per manufacturer's instruction sheet.
      this sets the proper look angle to aim right at the clarke belt when the dish is pointing due south. as the dish go east or west the look angle lowers to follow the arc correctly.

      assemble the dish to the motor and mount the whole assemble loosely on the pole, resting on the clamp.

      we need to move the motor off zero to 4 degree (123-119) east. if you were east of 119 you would move the proper amount west off zero.

      there are 2 ways of doing this. one is to hook up a satellite finder to power the motor and use the move east or west button to set the offset. the second way is connect the motor with a coax to a fta receiver and use usals to move the motor over to 119 west.

      install a circular LNB on the dish. connect the LNB to a satellite finder or an old *** ird. I like the old *** ird. this ird will identify the correct satellite. locate echo* 7 by moving the whole assembly on the pole. peak and lock down. replace the circular LNB with the linear LNB .

      connect a coax from the LNB to your stb. and the installation is now finished. except antenna configuration on your stb . set motor to usals and enter the the longitude and latitude of your site. isn't this easy? have fun!

      I used this to help me setup my motor a few years back, worked good

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