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    Thread: s903c146-13064F (1st File) 5/3/12

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      s903c146-13064F (1st File) 5/3/12

      Set-Up Guide for the SlimSat 5000

      - Download / Extract Bin and load to a USB Stick
      - Load Bin to the box via USB Stick.
      - Wait for a prompt "Main S/W is found. Would you like to update" click "ok" to update.
      - On "Downloading. Do you want to proceed?" click "Yes"
      *** if there is no prompt
      - Go to menu =>USB Transfer => Download from USB => select the correct bin => click "ok"
      - Wait for the "keep your USB connected until transfer is done" is done. The box will reboot.
      - Do a Factory Default

      - Select Language
      - Select Time Zone
      - Select "No" on Auto search
      - Select satellite => LNB Type => LNB Frequency => DiSEqC and click "ok" on start scan.

      ** click "Exit" for multiple Satellites. From main menu, go to the Dish.
      - Do Antenna set up for all satellites. The box will give a sound and visual confirmation if the satellite has been locked.
      - After all satellite setup, move the cursor to Satellite and click red button to scan.
      - Select scan type of your choice
      - Check mark all the satellite you want to scan and select Start Scan.

      Setting up the Network

      - Click Menu => Network Setup (Advanced) => Internet Protocol confirm proper IPs (Network Setting to Auto-Detect) and click Exit
      - Click Connection Mode => Select "Newcamd" on Connection Mode and click "ok".
      - Select server and enter the information. Can enter up to 9 servers and select "enable" to the desire servers. Click exit and click "Yes" to save
      ** This screen, either click "red" button to save information or click "green" to load information.
      - Click Exit and select "Yes" on Do you want save changes? This will reset STB.

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