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    Thread: FireWrt 2.00 RQEC Edition

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      FireWrt 2.00 RQEC Edition

      1) firewrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin
      2) firewrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx

      Here is the latest firewrt rqec version, logs are now pull from circle buffer in ram so logging should not
      effect performance, but i still recommend to use the logs only as necessary to insure maximum
      performance. Also added in WAN support so after firewrt is connected to your local network, you can
      log in and set up firewrt via wireless by simple entering the wan:ip from any device attached to your
      local network to connect to firewrt....blackberry works great Also added i a stop function and fixed
      the restart function to restart only , as appose to stop and restart as it was before. When you must
      stop the client ...ex (flashing new firmware !! ) use the stop function, and it will stop/killall instances
      of rqec. Also since some seem to be having network problems with the ip, i have just left
      it as the default, which means the network and settings are totally stock openwrt settings,
      so if you have issuse it's has nothing to do with firewrt.

      enjoy ,


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