Ok first you have to upgrade the receiver with this file s10_America_ctv_digital.abs

Then you go through the menu process:

Network Setup -> CCcam Client Setup -> Manage Config Files -> Ccam.cfg

Press the blue button to add

First item you'll see is Protocol so change this to "Newcamd" then fill in the server, port, username, password, DES key using the remote control.

For the "." press the 1 key on the remote several times till you get to the desired character
Use the VOL+ > key to move and input the next character

When you're done hit the OK button (in other words hit the yellow key)

Make sure you press the green button to activate the Ccam.cfg line you will see a check mark tick at the end of the line.

Remember that you cannot edit, modify, view the Ccam.cfg once it's inputed it so if dosn't work you will have to delete it and start all over again from scratch

You'll have to add the 110 satellite as echostar Anik F3 / Echostar 119 already pre defined

For both satellites you have to do a blind scan as no TP frequencies will not exist