Scan the channels from all satellites delete whichever channels you wish.

To back it up:

MENU -- STORAGE - Upgrade S/W press OK
press YELLOW button to back up your current settings
(make sure you choose the appropriate usb port you wish to back up to)

To restore:

(choose appropriate usb port /device that channel list is on)

MENU --- STORAGE -- Upgrade S/W press OK
press GREEN button to load your channel BIN to the receiver

NOTE: Sometimes when the upload goes through, and you choose OK to
reset the box, the receiver will " init " itself and you will in turn LOSE your
channel list

After you Load the channel back up BIN to the receiver DO NOT press OK
to do the restart. After its done loading and the menu comes up, simply
press the MENU button. After you are back to just the menu screen, you
will notice that your channels are not loaded.

This is when you now, turn OFF/ON the receiver from the REMOTE CONTROL,
not the back. When the receiver comes back on, your channel back up will be
restored just as you left it.