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    Thread: Daily Horoscope - Friday - May 17

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      Daily Horoscope - Friday - May 17

      (Mar. 21- April 20)
      You can invest in profitable ventures. Join a club to work off that excess energy; but consider ways of doing that without spending the money. You'll meet new friends if you try new activities.

      (Apr. 21- may 21)
      You can expect your mate to get fed up and make the choices for you or back off completely. Be supportive in order to avoid confrontations. Your communication skills will bring you popularity and increased self esteem.

      (May 22-June 21)
      Organize your house and be sure to include the whole family in the projects you have set out to do. Your intellectual wit will bring greater popularity with your peers. Now is a good time to ask for favors.

      (June 22-July 22)
      Be sure that you lay your cards on the table. Don't lend or borrow. Be sure to spend time helping children with projects that are too difficult for them to accomplish alone.

      (July 23-Aug 22)
      You can make new friends who could turn into intimate connections if you join clubs or take creative courses. So smile! It won't take much to upset your lover.

      (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
      Your intellectual charm will entice new love interests. You need to fulfill your needs and present your talents. You need to refrain from being the generous one in the group.

      (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
      If you act with anger you may blow the relationship. You can make a huge difference to children if you are able to put yourself in their shoes. You may be offered opportunities that will result in a higher earning potential.

      (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)
      Try to satisfy both of your needs. You'll only hurt your lover if you don't. Focus on forming business partnerships.

      (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
      Hidden matters are likely to surface. They will not be in the right frame of mind to put up with tactless comments. Do not lend money to friends, or contribute more than necessary to groups unworthy of your cash.

      (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
      You will find that friends or relatives may not understand your needs. Stick to your work and avoid emotional confrontations. Social events should be the highlight of your day. Creative educational pursuits will payoff.

      (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
      Curb any jealous fits if your partner has been flirting with someone else. Some of your new friends may not be that trustworthy. Try to curb your tongue and let others at least get a word in.

      (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
      Don't neglect these problems; deal with them once and for all, then move on to more pleasurable tasks. Make sure that you have covered yourself legally and try not to let your temper get out of hand. You may find it difficult to communicate.


      Freedom: Appreciate It, Cherish It, Protect It.

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      Re: Daily Horoscope - Friday - May 17

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