The difference between the SG9120B and SG9120 Motors is the dish mount tube.
The SG9120 has a 50mm dish mount arm while the new 9120B

has the 42mm dish mount arm.


  • SG9120 Fits dishes up to 1.2m
  • SG9120B Fits Winegard DS2076
  • 42mm tube
  • Smart-Fit design allows back bracket to mount snug.
  • Specially designed back bracket for use of motor in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere (Example: North America & South America)
  • Larger oversized mounting bracket helps with wind resistance
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • DiSEqC 1.2 Compatible
  • USALS Compatible
  • Everything controlled via 1 coaxial cable
  • Ultra low noise
  • Goto X function
  • LED Power Indicator
  • East/West movement button on motor
  • Degree indicator on shaft
  • Hardware Reset button to to allow you to easily reset the motor with a quick touch of a button

Do I need to install a separate power line to connect to the automatic HH dish motor mount?

No. The motor gets powered by the receiver. The receiver provides power to turn the LNB on and to switch polarity. The motor consumes the same power through the coaxial cable that runs from the receiver to the LNBF. Simply run the coaxial cable to your satellite dish motor, then from the HH dish motor run a 3 or 4 foot coaxial cable to the LNBF.
How do I control the motor to move it East / West?

The motor is controlled by the receiver's remote control. All receivers compliant with the DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, or USALS protocol have the capability to run an HH satellite motor. Once you install and setup the motor to follow the satellite arch properly and store the different satellite positions and locations into the receiver, the receiver will automatically go to the location where the channel is being broadcasted from when you change TV channels on the receiver.
Are all HH motors & receivers USALS, DiSEqC 1.2, & DiSEqC 1.3 compatible?

No. All satellite motors and HH mounts are DiSEqC1.2 & DiSEqC1.3 compatible, but not all dish motors are USALS compatible. Motors that are NOT USALS compatible are sometimes more reliable.
Not all satellite C/Ku band receivers are DiSEqC 1.2 and DiSEqC 1.3 compatible. Some are DiSEqC1.0. Make sure the receiver you purchase is at least DiSEqC 1.2 compatible.
Can I pick up C band and Ku band?

No. You need a C band dish (2.4 meters / 6 foot) or larger to be able to pick up C band. This system is only for Ku band reception.
Does the motor also adjust for variation in elevation on the dish for each and every satellite

Yes. When you install the motor based on your latitude, the motor will adjust the elevation as well.
Should I skew (rotate) my LNBF to align for polarity?

No. Just leave the LNB at 0 degrees skew and the motor will tilt the satellite dish to make up for the adjustment of skew.
What is the benefit from motorizing my dish?

Adding a motor to your system allows you to receive satellite channels from multiple satellites & not just one.
Do I need to manually turn the dish every time I change channels?

No. This is an automatic satellite dish motor. Once it's installed properly and your receiver is programmed with the locations of the satellites, every time you change channels, the receiver sends DiSEqC commands to the satellite motor to tell it to move and stop at a certain location where the satellite signal is broadcasting from.
How do I wire up the SG-9120 Dish Motor?

Simply run the coaxial cable to your satellite dish motor, then from the HH dish motor run a 3 or 4 foot coaxial cable to the LNBF.