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    Thread: DM800HD pkg rewrite

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      DM800HD pkg rewrite

      credit the work to vtoor

      This is a rewrite for the recent New DM800HD Setup Package to make it more newbie friendly & combine setup & scanning guides into one guide.

      Updated setup package with updated xml for DM800HD sim 201 clone with Skywalker-1 addon tuner.
      Part 1 : stb setup

      Flash dreambox-image-dm800-20111119003352.nfi with DreamUP_patched_by_forhike
      follow that flash with imediately flashing SSL76D-20101219.nfi
      When done hard reboot dreambox.

      Do initial setup except for tuner config then Unplug power to dreambox.
      Now connect rg6 to skywalker then connect Skywalker to dreambox & power up skywalker.
      Now power up dreambox & it will add skywalker as tuner B.
      Now configure tuner B for satellites & scan sats (see Setup part 2)

      When done with setup part 2 you can install your cam emu with DCC-E2
      ftp the RQcamd folder to /etc/emud/emu & chmod 755
      open the RQcamd folder & chmod 755 all contained files
      Edit rqcamd.conf (/etc/emud/emu/RQcamd/rqcamd.conf) line 152 with your nfps donation info
      Hard reboot receiver.
      Now tune to an active channel or 101 & start your emu
      Blue button > Emulator > Emulator > RQcand 1.31 Rqcamd 1.31 > green button restart

      Part 2 : DM800HD scanning method
      (1) intro
      DM800HD will not scan N Am providers sats well.
      It has a problem capturing channel name, provider package & NID for many tp's and requires extensive post editing of service list to manualy edit chan name, NID & provider package.
      It will however capure all correct channel data except for provider package with a transponder scan on each individual tp on every sat.

      Doing a tp scan for all tp's on all sats would take far too long to do and also there is the danger of entering incorrect data on some tp's that could corrupt the whole thing.
      So quickest way is to do a normal manual sat scan for all sats first then follow up with a tp scan for all failed tp's.

      This is a pretty crude time consuming method but it works better than post editing scan for channel data.
      When manual sat scan is completed you will need to corectly identify the modulation for each failed tp you are going to rescan with a tp scan.
      The easiest way to do that is to ftp your initial scan into dreamboxedit, select one sat at a time in dreamboxedit click the TSID header to sort by transponder then write down the frequency & polarity & SR for each failed tp for each sat.
      Something like this .... 12224V 21500 8PSK or 12224V 20000 QPSK which ever it is.
      Now you have your list of all tp's needing a tp scan.

      When your doing your tp rescans for each sat I find it easiest to do all the turbo8 tps first then all the qpsk tp's so that you have the least amount of data to change for the next tp scanned.

      Before starting this procedure ftp the included satellites.xml to /var/etc/ with DCC E2 then hard reboot box.

      (2) Setting up Tuner config
      Menu > Setup > Service Searching > Select Tuner > press OK
      Configuration Mode = Advanced
      Satellite = Choose first sat on diseqc 4/1 switch (port 1)
      LNB = LNB 1 (for 118.7/119 combo lnb each sat on its own LNB #)
      Priority = Auto
      LOF = User Defined
      LOF/L = 09750
      LOF/H = 11250 (10750 for 118.7/119 combo LNB)
      Threshold = 11750
      Voltage Mode = Polarization
      Increase Voltage = No
      Tone Mode = Band (or ON or OFF if using 22khz sw)
      Diseqc Mode = 1.0 (for diseqc 4/1 sw, if using diseqc 8/1 sw use 1.1)
      Commited Diseqc Command = AA
      Fast Diseqc = No
      Sequence Repeat = No
      Command Order = commited, toneburst.
      Thats your first sat done, go back up to Satellite & choose 2nd sat it will be set to LNB 2 & AB.
      Repeat for all sats then when completed go back up to Satellite line & press OK then exit out all the way to save all settings

      (3) Scanning Sats
      Menu > Setup > Service Searching > Manual Scan
      Typical settings for manual sat scan.
      Tuner ... the prev setup tuner will be show here
      Type of scan = Single satellite
      Satellite = choose 1st sat
      Network search = NO
      Clear before scan = YES
      Only free scan = NO
      Press OK to start scan & scan will count up % done
      When scan completes 100% done wait untill "Scan in Progress" changes to "Scan Done! XXX services found before pressing exit to scan next sat.

      (4) ftp scanned channel list into dreamboxedit & compile your list of tp's for each sat needing a follow up tp scan.

      (5) doing your follow up tp scans
      Typical TP Scan Settings example for skywalker-1:
      For turbo8 tp's
      Tuner = Tuner B Genpix Skywalker-1 (DVB-S2)
      Type of scan = single transponder
      System = DVB-S2
      Satellite = E* 14 (119.0w) ...(example)
      Frequency = 12224 ....(example)
      Inversion = Auto
      Symbol rate = 21500
      Polarity = vertical ....(example)
      FEC = 2/3
      Modulation = 8PSK
      Rolloff = 0.35
      Pilot = Auto
      Network scan = NO
      Clear before scan = YES
      Only free scan = NO
      Press OK to scan tp

      Typical settings for QPSK TP scan
      Tuner = Tuner B Genpix Skywalker-1 (DVB-S2)
      Type of scan = single transponder
      System = DVB-S
      Satellite = E* 14 (119.0w) ...(example)
      Frequency = 12224 ....(example)
      Inversion = Auto
      Symbol rate = 20000
      Polarity = vertical ....(example)
      FEC = AUTO
      Network scan = NO
      Clear before scan = YES
      Only free scan = NO
      Press OK to scan tp

      (6) Editing service list
      DM800HD by default autosorts & numbers all channels to alpha numerical order.
      Also unlike enigma1 dreamboxes DM800HD cant key channel number to sid to select channel number with remote.
      In order to easily locate channels you must create several favorite lists in tv users bouquets.
      FTP your final scan channel list into dreamboxedit.
      Create several fav categories in tv users bouquets, give them a numerical prefix (01, 02 etc) to sort them in prefered order
      Click SID header to sort all channels to sid order (channels placed into fav lists will stay in the order you place them)
      Bulk select required working channels for each fav then drag them into that activated fav bouquet.
      Repeat for all other fav lists.
      When done ftp edited list back to DM800 & hard reboot box.

      Important Notes :
      (1) Use this included modified Conus only satellites.xml It will substantialy reduce your scanning & editing times.
      (2) Do not scan with nework search on for either your initial manual satellite scan or your follow up tp scans
      (3) When you have completed all your turbo8 tp rescans for each sat toggle modulation setting back to QPSK before switching to "System" = DVB-S for your QPSK TP re scans.
      (4) some tp's may require more than one tp rescan to capture correct data
      (5) the included DN western arc & Bev updated & modified satellites.xml file has been edited to Conus only for all sats
      (6) if for some unknown reason you should need to scan your regional spotbeam tp just enter its data & scan it while in tp scanning mode.

      Attached Files Attached Files
      PLEASE Do NOT PM me for support! Post ALL Support questions in the forums for all members to benefit.

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